Our references

Several financial institutions and international development banks have trusted AMEF Consulting with large-scale missions in several areas, all of them have successfully been conducted.

Strategy development

Due Diligence of a pan-African financial group

We accompanied a Tunisian financial institution in carrying out a Due Diligence work of a non-banking financial group, specialized in the SME financing and operating in 9 countries in the sub-Saharan Africa. The transaction has been successful, and our client became the main shareholder of this Pan-African Financial Group.

We accompanied our client in review of the banking regulations in the countries where the Group operates, its loan portfolio and its business plan. We developed a post-acquisition business plan, considering the market data and the strategic vision of our client.

SME Financing

Capacity building in VSME financing (Tunisia)

In partnership with a European international firm and as part of a technical assistance program financed by the German development bank KFW, we have supported 3 Tunisian banks in the development of their SME financing capacity.

Based on an actions plan defined after a diagnostic phase, we accompanied these banks in reviewing their VSME segmentation , their credit processes, the analysis methodology of credit applications and their customer relationship management approach.

Within a pilot program, we assisted these banks in the implementation of the cash-flow analysis methodology in their process of granting loans to SMEs, while providing their sales people and credit analysts with training and specific coaching.

Design and implementation of a VSME development strategy and business model (Cameroon)

As an international banking and SME finance expert with the IFC (World Bank Group), the founder-director of AMEF has supported for 3 years a Cameroonian private bank of first order in the design and the implementation of its SME strategy and business model.

The mission integrated several areas of work including

  • the study of the SME market (quantitative and qualitative studies through the organization of a field survey and several focus groups),
  • the reengineering of the SME commercial organization and the sales model of the Bank, favoring the cross- selling and the commercial efficiency,
  • the review of the offer of products and services based on the Customer Value Proposition (CVP) of each sub-customer segment,
  • the review and improvement of credit processes, the implementation of a scoring model and an internal rating system,
  • the development of credit policy and the development of a non-financial service.

SME Financing Strategy (Ivory Coast)

As an international banking and SME finance expert with the IFC (World Bank Group), the founder-director of the  AMEF accompanied a leading Ivory Coast bank in the design of its SME strategy.

The SME strategy was established according a market study (statistical study and organization of focus groups), including the segmentation of the SME market, the reengineering  of the commercial organization and the improving of the credit process (end to end).

Financial inclusion

Study of the financial inclusion in Tunisia

As part of the MICROMED program, we carried out a study on the financial inclusion in Tunisia, including the assessment of the supply and demand of financial services, as well as the evaluation of the Gap.

As part of this  study, we also proposed indicators for measuring financial inclusion with a view to setting up a national observatory for financial inclusion. The results of this study were presented and discussed in a national seminar that we organized 

Development of a business plan for a microfinance institution (Tunisia)

 We accompanied a Tunisian bank in carrying out an opportunity study to create a microfinance institution (MFI).

This study integrated a market study, the definition of the business model, the design of financial and non-financial products and services , and the establishment of the business plan based on financial projections and a sensitivity study.

Green economy financing

Implementation of a pilot mechanism for the financing of photovoltaic projects by leasing (Tunisia)

After studying the use of leasing model  for financing the photovoltaic (PV) stations for self-consumption, followed by an estimation of the potential market, we accompanied  the National Agency for the Efficiency use of Energy (ANME) in the design and  the implementation of a PV project financing scheme for self-consumption.

We undertook and managed contacts with  various international donors to convince them to be part of the proposed PV financing mechanism and to participate in its implementation through a credit line and risk-sharing facility, while controlling the exchanges and the negotiations between the different participants of the project.

Definition and implementation of a marketing concept and financing products for energy efficiency and renewable energies (Tunisia)

As part of a technical assistance program financed by the European Green Fund for Growth Fund (GGF), we supported two leasing companies in the development of their capacity to finance energy efficiency and photovoltaic projects.

In this context, we supported our clients in the design of their marketing concept and in the development of specific products for this specific business. The scope of work includes also a market research, the development of a partnership with PV-installers and a training session .

Risk management

Strengthening credit risk analysis (Tunisia)

In partnership with a European international firm and as part of a technical assistance program financed by the European  Fund “SANAD”, we assisted a Tunisian leasing company in strengthening  its credit risk analysis  for small companies:

  • data collection approach,
  • introduction of cash flow methodology,
  • development of financial analysis indicators,
  • review and improvement of a Scoring tool and development of the skills of sales teams and financial analysts.

Strengthening the risk management framework of a bank (Burkina Faso)

As  an international banking and risk management expert with the IFC (World Bank Group), the founder-director of AMEF has supported a Burkina bank in strengthening its risk management framework.

The scope of work covered the drafting of the charter of the risk committee, the creation of a new risk department, the review and the improvement of the credit processes, the establishment of the credit and provisioning policy, the setting up of an ALCO committee, the development of risk reporting and training the bank’s teams on risk analysis and management.