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Islamic Finance

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Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance has been developing rapidly since the 2007-08 Subprime crisis and now works within a more established and favorable regulatory framework. It offers new financial solutions to develop the real economy and financial inclusion. But there are still many challenges in this area.

AMEF Consulting has excellent expertise in the businesses and products of Islamic Finance and can provide its clients with a tailored service offer that covers the following broad spectrum of work projects:

  • Market survey and the design of a strategic and business model
  • Support in the establishment of an Islamic “windows” or in the total institutional transformation to become a full Islamic bank.
  • Design and promotion of Sharia-compatible products
  • Islamic Finance-specific marketing strategies and communications procedures
  • Capacity building and training in various subjects of Islamic Finance
  • Study and support the development of the regulatory framework for Islamic Finance

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We are a strategy and management consulting firm, specialized in the finance sector and focused on Africa and the Middle East.
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