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You consider Training as an investment that must be made with specific objectives and an ex-post evaluation of its return on investment (ROI). We share your vision, and we consider Training a business apart, requiring specific skills, approaches, and tools to maximize its return on investment. It is in this sense that in 2011 we created a company specializing in professional education, AMEF Training, with an agreement by the Ministry of Professional Training and Employment. We offer you both predefined training courses on several topics related to finance topics and specific tailor-made training, to be designed specifically for you according to your needs. Among the topics for which we have already developed successful training courses, we can mention the following training courses:
  • Customer relationship management
  • Sales techniques
  • Risk management according to the principles of Basel II & III
  • Development and implementation of risk mapping
  • Development of internal rating system, credit scoring and stress-testing
  • Islamic Finance
  • Funding of Green projects
In addition to training, we offer you, according to your needs, individual Coaching services for your employees on the basis of individual objectives and personalized support on the ground to ensure the achievement of their objectives.

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