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Strategy and Organization

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Strategy and Organization

Support for the design and implementation of your Strategy

You plan to develop or adjust your business strategy in line with your strategic objectives, AMEF Consulting offers to accompany you in a corporate diagnosis and the design of your strategy. In this context and in close collaboration with your teams, AMEF Consulting offers a roadmap and an implementation action plan based on a coherent corporate portfolio of strategic projects.

Reinforcement of your governance

The success of a company’s strategic and operational objectives is linked to the quality of its Governance framework. AMEF Consulting can provide advice and support to define and strengthen a corporate governance framework through the following steps:
  • Design and implementation support of your organization chart
  • Organization of your governance bodies
  • Consolidation of your audit and internal control framework

Development of financial products

AMEF Consulting uses its comprehensive and proven approach and its in-depth knowledge of finance businesses and markets to offer you support to develop new activities and new financial and non-financial products. This will be done on the basis of your Customer Value Propositions. AMEF’s offer covers all project stages from opportunity study to implementation. Of course, AMEF assists you to design and develop its different work areas such as:
  • Quantitative and qualitative market survey
  • Definition of the Customer Value Proposition (CVP) for the targeted customer segment,
  • Development of financial and non-financial products,
  • Definition of a distribution and communication policy.

Organization and procedures

Achieving your performance objectives requires developing the commercial and operational efficiency of your structures. To do this, we offer you to provide you with our expertise in reviewing your organization and your processes to identify the sources of optimization and suggest the most relevant improvements in this direction.

Realizing the benefits of the improvements also involves formalizing your work procedures to ensure both operational efficiency and risk mitigation.

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