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Human Capital

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Human Capital

A client’s human capital is a crucial resource that needs to be improved and valued in line with a corporate, business strategy. In this regard, AMEF Consulting offers to support a client’s human resources projects thus ensuring the client’s long-term success

AMEF’s service offering will meet a client’s multiple needs such as the commercial and operational optimization of its organization, the development of a skills assessment program, the definition of job descriptions and the implementation of an individual evaluation and incentive system.

Whether in a specific project context or in a global way, AMEF Consulting proposes to work to develop a client’s teams’ skills to better control their function and to realize individual and collective objectives. This activity will help the company to succeed an appropriate transformation and to develop all its projects.

To achieve this, AMEF Consulting offers goal-based training to transfer operational skills while supporting a client’s needs through individual and/or collective coaching.

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