Capacity building of a leasing company

Capacity building of a leasing company


Leasing company


09/2020 – 10/2021



Project description and context

Technical assistance to a Leasing company (Georgia) in the management of the Covid-19 crisis:
1. Information and training for SME clients on topics related to managing their business in the context of the COVID-19 crisis
2. Risk Management Training for the leasing company’s Teams
3. Coaching of the Leasing company’s management team in the strategic management of the company in a crisis and post-crisis context
This mission was funded by FMO (Dutch Development Bank) and carried out in support of a European partner.

Work carried out by AMEF Consulting

  • Support the development of content for 4 SME client webinars on business management topics in a COVID-19 crisis:
    – Crisis management
    – Management of the volatility and currency forecast
    – Staff management during the crisis
    – Funding strategy
  • Training of the Leasing company staff on risk management and in particular on the following topics:
    – Funding File Review Process and Approach
    – Credit Scoring and Portfolio Management
    – Funding strategy and fundraising
  • Coaching the leasing company  Top Management on the strategic management of their company in a Covid-19 crisis and the recovery of business after the crisis.
Portfolio Categories:

Risk Management