Definition of a pilot scheme for the financing of photovoltaic (PV) projects

Definition of a pilot scheme for the financing of photovoltaic (PV) projects


Agence Nationale pour la Maîtrise de l’Energie (ANME)


02 – 04/2017



Project description and context

To encourage Tunisian companies to use photovoltaics within the framework of the Tunisian Solar Plan, the German international cooperation agency GIZ and the National Agency for Energy Management (ANME) have asked AMEF Consulting to define a system pilot for the financing by leasing of PV projects for self-consumption.

This mission comes after a study on the possibilities of financing PV projects by leasing and which shows an interest on the part of certain leasing companies for the financing of PV projects.

Work carried out by AMEF Consulting

  • Development of a study to identify the types of potential investors in PV self-consumption projects
  • Propose a methodology to estimate the volume of potential investments, financing needs and constraints
  • Proposals for recommendations to remove or reduce the technical, legal and regulatory constraints encountered by investors when leasing their PV projects.
  • Proposal of a guarantee fund and definition of its characteristics, in collaboration with the Tunisian Guarantee Company (SOTUGAR) and the ANME, for risk sharing on PV financing, development of a framework agreement for the management of this Fund and definition of its operating mode
  • Evaluate the on-line refinancing needs necessary for the pilot scheme in consultation with the ANME and the leasing operators
  • Meetings with international donors to identify those who would be interested in financing the proposed PV pilot scheme.
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