Design of the business Strategy of a Mesofinance Bank

Design of the business Strategy of a Mesofinance Bank


Mesofinance Bank


06/2021 – 11/202&



Project description and context

The mission is to support a mesofinance Bank in the development of its new development strategy for the period 2021-2025. The strategy was developed using a participatory approach and covered the following main topics:

  • In-depth strategic diagnosis
  • Vision and strategic development axes.
  • Means and Resources for the implementation of the strategy.

Business Plan and strategy implementation program.

Work carried

  • Mission framing
  • Collection and analysis of documents and data.
  • Study of the Mésofinance market
  • Animation of exchange and brainstorming workshops with governance bodies and bank staff.
  • Development of an in-depth diagnosis of the bank in several areas
  • Development of the vision and strategic development axes
  • Breakdown of the new strategy into several strategic projects by function
  • Development of governance and the implementation plan for strategic projects.
  • Development of the bank’s new business plan for the period 2021-2025.
Portfolio Categories:

Strategy and Organization