Développement du financement islamique des PME et des secteurs de l’agriculture, d’élevage et de la pêche

Support for the Development of TPME Financing for an Islamic Bank


A Full Islamic Bank


08/2018 – 08/2019



Project Context and Description

As part of the African Development Bank’s SME Program, an Islamic bank in Mauritania has benefited from a technical assistance program to support it in financing SMEs in the agriculture, livestock, and fisheries sectors.

In partnership with a European firm, AMEF Consulting has contributed to the implementation of the technical assistance program for the bank, covering several areas: market research, development strategy in the SME segment, Sharia-compliant financing and investment products, financing procedures and financing risk analysis tools, risk management and training.

Travaux réalisés

  • Piloting the mission
  • Institutional diagnosis of the Islamic bank and the development of the technical assistance action plan
  • Organizing focus thematic groups: industrial fishing; artisanal fishing; agriculture and livestock; SMEs
  • Study of the SME market, agriculture, livestock, and fishing
  • Development of 5 Sharia-compliant products: Ijara, Salem; Mourabaha Istiradia; Istisnaa; Tawfir account
  • Developing funding procedures
  • Development of credit and liquidity policies
  • Elaboration of job cards
  • Training on Islamic finance instruments, financing risk analysis and customer relationship management.
Portfolio Categories:

Islamic Finance MSME Financing