Study of the COVID-19 impact on photovoltaic installers

Study of the COVID-19 impact on photovoltaic installers


Agence Nationale pour la Maîtrise de l’Energie (ANME)





Project description and context

As part of the project “Strengthening the Tunisian Solar Market”, implemented by the German international cooperation agency GIZ, in partnership with the National Agency for Energy Management (ANME), it was hoped to improve know the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on photovoltaic (PV) installers in order to define the appropriate actions to support their recovery. It is in this context that this mission was entrusted to AMEF Consulting.

Work carried out by AMEF Consulting

  • Development of a database of photovoltaic installation companies (IPV)
  • Conducted a survey of a sample of 30 LPIs covering the following topics:
  1. Inventory and assessment of the impact of the pandemic on the activity of IPVs
  2. Assessment of the interest of IPVs for the digitization of administrative processes and financial support for the implementation of PV projects
  3. Collection of feedback from LPIs on the relevance of the measures taken by the State to overcome the difficulties of the private sector
  4. Identify the needs of IPVs in terms of support for a rapid revival of their activity
  • Meetings with public, professional, and financial institutions related to IPV
  • Study of the measures put in place by the Tunisian Government in favor of companies affected by the Covid-19 crisis
  • Definition of recommendations and an action plan for relaunching IPV activities
  • Organization of an (online) workshop for the restitution and discussion of the results of the survey and the action plan to revive LPI activity
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