Study and proposal of new concept for SME Finance

Study and proposal of new concept for SME Finance


KfW bank


07–10/ 2020



Project description and context

In order to identify innovative approaches to SME financing and to complement existing financing projects, the German bank KfW has decided to conduct a study on VME-SME financing instruments in Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt. The objective of this study is to propose to KfW ideas for innovative and efficient SME financing instruments to examine them with the partners of the 3 countries and see their implementation in 2021.

This study is part of a large geographic scope, leading to coordination and discussion with the various teams working in the countries.

In support of a European partner, AMEF Tunisia participated in this mission to Tunisia.

Work carried out by AMEF Consulting

  • Literature and data review and analysis
  • Analysis of the SME financing ecosystem
  • Identification and analysis of key gaps in SME financing and barriers to access to finance
  • Development of concrete SME financing concepts which are particularly relevant and feasible in the specific context of the country.
Portfolio Categories:

MSME Financing