Support for the Financing of Renewable Energy by Microfinance Institutions

Support for the Financing of Renewable Energy by Microfinance Institutions


ANPER - World Bank


06/2020 – 11/2020



Project Context and Description

The Government of the Republic of Niger has obtained a loan and a grant from the World Bank to finance the costs of the Access to Solar Electric Services Project in Niger (NESAP).

The main objective of the project is to help increase the rate of electrification in rural regionsof Niger through solar energy.

It is in this context that AMEF Consulting was selected by the agency ANPER and the Ministry of Finance in partnership with another Nigerian firm to carry out the technical assistance program, that of supporting microfinance institutions (MFIs) and the Ministry of Finance for the efficient implementation of the NESAP credit line.

Work Done by AMEF Consulting

    • Market study of microfinance and renewable energy in Niger
    • Study of the client portfolio and marketing strategy of the MFIs
    • Developing client portfolio development/customer relationship management strategy
    • Development of new microfinance products (classic, Islamic, leasing,)
    • Design of specific solar program financing products
    • Development of the risk analysis approach (rating system)
    • Development of pricing policy
    • Developing the marketing strategy for new products
    • Development of toolkits / manuals for new products
    • GIS Diagnosis
    • Training of MFI staff on the following modules:
      • Governance of MFIsw
      • Risk management in microfinance
      • Marketing and customer relationship management
      • Product development approach and leasing
      • Products of Islamic microfinance
Portfolio Categories:

Inclusive Finance and Microfinance