Strengthening the Analysis of the Financing Risks of TPMEs

Strengthening the Analysis of the Financing Risks of TPMEs


A Leasing Company - SANAD





Project Context and Description

As part of a line of credit granted to a leasing company by the SANAD fund, for the financing of TPMEs, a technical assistance program has been set up to support the company in strengthening its capacity to analyze and grant credit to small businesses. In this context, AMEF Consulting has contributed significantly to the realization of this project supporting an European partner.

Work Done by AMEF Consulting

  • Brief institutional diagnosis to better define the action plan for technical assistance
  • Developing an approach and fact sheet with micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) for any funding request
  • Development of an Excel approach and tool for analyzing and providing financing based on cash flows
  • Review of financial analysis indicators used and recommendations for new indicators
  • Review of the existing Credit-Scoring tool, Expert type, and proposal for improvements
  • Development of credit policy (did not exist before our mission).
Portfolio Categories:

MSME Financing